Jae's Story

Jae Foundation Programming

The Jae Foundation has leased a ranch in Pinedale, WY, this summer and will be hosting leadership retreats for a number of groups and organizations.  These retreats will serve as pivotal moments as we build out the structure and programming for the Jae Foundation.

Our summer groups will spend time in the saddle both literally and figuratively as we ride horses together and take in the incredible beauty that lies in the great outdoors of Pinedale, WY.  Each group will be led through a series of life changing activities as we teach groups how to be bold, inclusive and nimble.  We will work through sessions on identity and how to live transformationally.  Each retreat will target specific groups and will include teens, ladies, businesses, coaches, families and athletes.  Boot Check moments will happen throughout the retreat and lives will be forever changed.

Where Do We Begin?

Jae was one of a kind.  A son, brother, and friend that was always there for the people in his life.  Not just the close ones, but all people he crossed paths with.  Jae grew up in Pinedale, WY and loved to fish, spend time in the outdoors, be on the boat and hang out with his friends and family.  Jae was an amazing country swing dancer and he loved his Cowboy Boots.  In 2016, Jae took his own life in what was a shock to everyone that knew him.  At his funeral, full of people from all walks of life wearing Cowboy Boots, there was a commitment made that something good would come from such a great tragedy.

That good was brought to life through the Jae Foundation.  A Foundation that is Bold, Inclusive, Nimble, and Generous.  Our goal is to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention along with providing healing for those that have lost loved ones.  We do this through a simple platform that Jae loved so much: Cowboy Boots.  With every pair of boots comes a conversation that would have never happened, a Boot-Check moment that we all need.

While many think Jae's story ended in 2016, our hope is that in many ways, it is just the beginning.  We hope over the coming weeks, months, and years, you are able to feel the impact of the Jae Foundation and get to know Jae a little yourself.

It's Boot-Check Time!

With Love,

Jae's Family and Friends