It’s Boot-Check Time

With every pair of boots comes a conversation that
would have never happened.

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The Power of the Boots

Some call them Cowboy Boots, some call them Magic Boots - here at the Foundation, we call them Jae Boots. The Foundation was created with the idea that if Jae’s friend Jason had just slowed down and bought his buddy Jae a pair of Cowboy Boots (something Jae loved dearly) and had a real conversation about how he was doing, things could have been different.

In a world full of technology and distractions the idea was simple. What if we took an hour out of our day to slow down and share Jae’s story, buy someone a pair of Cowboy Boots, and Check-In and see how they are ACTUALLY doing. Love them up and make some commitments. Once someone gets their Jae Boots, they serve as a reminder to check-in on those around us, be bold enough to have conversations around mental health, and even give us the strength to put our boots on and ask for help if needed.

Creating Boot-Check moments is why the Foundation exists, and the Boot is the ultimate tool to create those moments. We have heard and seen countless stories of how something so simple can do such amazing things. Some call that simple thing a Cowboy Boot, some call it a Magic Boot - here at the Foundation, we call it a Jae Boot.

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Creating Boot-Check Moments

Every pair of boots is more than just fancy footwear. They mean something different to everyone, and can serve a lot of different purposes. “Boot-check” moments are those moments when you pull your boots on and have a check-in about mental health. Whether that’s checking in on a friend who could use it or checking in with yourself is up to you.

Take Action:

Boots can be a badge of courage, meant to spur people into reaching out to at-risk friends, family or community members. When you pull your boots on, it means you’re ready to do the hard work of initiating an important conversation.

Hope & Healing:

Boots can also be a source of hope and healing for someone to wear when they need a boost of inner strength. We hope that the boots can be a talisman of strength to help people make it through the hardest days, one step at a time.