Jae Foundation Programming

The Jae Foundation has leased a ranch in Pinedale, WY, this summer and will be hosting leadership retreats for a number of groups and organizations.  These retreats will serve as pivotal moments as we build out the structure and programming for the Jae Foundation.

Our summer groups will spend time in the saddle both literally and figuratively as we ride horses together and take in the incredible beauty that lies in the great outdoors of Pinedale, WY.  Each group will be led through a series of life changing activities as we teach groups how to be bold, inclusive and nimble.  We will work through sessions on identity and how to live transformationally.  Each retreat will target specific groups and will include teens, ladies, businesses, coaches, families and athletes.  Boot Check moments will happen throughout the retreat and lives will be forever changed.

Talk Right Now

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, immediate help is available. Call or text 988 or chat


Connection, Hope and Healing

Here at the Jae Foundation, we are not mental health experts.  Instead, we attempt to provide opportunities for Boot Check moments, moments where you reach out and share with others that they are loved, that they are valued and that they have people in their lives that are here for them, no matter what!  We attempt to meet people where they are at and provide connection, hope and healing.  


Jae Foundation Resource Coordinator

The Jae Foundation does contract with a resource coordinator who is a licensed professional counselor. Linda Arrossa is an LCPC – Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor, LMFT – Licensed Marriage and Family Counselor, CPM – Certified Professional Mediator, Supreme Court Approved Child Custody Mediator, CADC – Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor; NBCC - National Board Certified Counselor, National Board Certified School Counselor and BCC – Board Certified Coach. Needless to say, she will meet you where you are at and connect you with local experts who can assist you with your mental health needs. To get in contact with Linda Arrossa, please call (208) 308-8276 or email [email protected].